Our book list has not disappeared - it has just moved! Thanks to the hard work of Carolyn Houlden and Marilyn Begley, the whole list has been transferred into LibraryThing at This program makes additions and deletions easy and fast, and allows you to search titles and find more information about the books by tying in to other data bases.

Due to a generous donation by Cheryl Rogalsky, our collection has grown considerably. Check out the new titles and refresh your memory on those you may have forgotten.


Guild of Canadian Weavers Bulletin - 4 issues/year - includes fabric samples
Fibre Focus (formerly OHS bulletin) - 4 issues/year
Handwoven magazine - 5 issues/year
Väv - Scandanavian Weaving Magazine - English edition - 4 issues/year

Other Publications

Handwoven Design Collections
#1        Simple Summer tops
#3        Gifts
#4        Outerwear
#5        Dishtowels
#6        Not for beginners only
#7        Simple Styles
#8        Just rags
#10      Terrific Table Toppers
#11      Heirloom table linens
#12      Great Cover Ups
#13      Super Simple Tops
#14      Weaving for Baby
#15      Sensational Scarves
#17      Jackets & Pullovers
#18      Treasury of Towels
#19      Scarves & Shawls
#20      Weekend Weaving Projects

Back Issues
OHS Bulletin
Spindle & Dyepot

Samples and Projects
Complex Weavers Newsletters 1969 to 1979 and May 1990 through Sept 1991
Crackle Weave by The Shafters
Double Two Tie Unit Weave - Madelyn Van Der Hoogt
Fabric Samples from GCW Bulletin – Book I, 1988 to present
IKAT to Wear – Ankaret Dean 1987
Lichen Dyes:  A Source Book - Karen Diadick Casselman, 1996.
Name Draft Cards – Webs 99 (OHS Conference Project)
Notes & Patterns on Crafts – Soft Duotang
OHS 8 Shaft Study Group – Deflected Double Weave 2002; Loom Music 2003
Overshot Revisited by The Shafters 1987
Summer and Winter Weave – Then and Now   Mary Atwater (1947)
Tartan Tea Towel Exchange 2006 – GCW Bulletin Supplement Spring 07 Vol. 50 # 1




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