Teanaustaye Studio - Lectures and Seminars

Lectures for Conferences and Seminars

A wide range of lectures is available for presentation at conferences, seminars and gatherings.

Possibilities include but are not limited to:
• Warp with a Trapeze/ Mangle your cloth
• The Beauty of Linen
• Shuttled!
• Canadian, eh?
• Woven Imagery on Transparent Cloth
• Damask Goes North: The Story of the Tablecloth
• The Noble Napkin
• Blocks and Profiles
• Double Weave Pictures
• Jacquard Weaving on the John Campbell Loom
• Warping Woes!
• Jette’s $50 Challenge
• Satin and Damask
• Get Sett!
• Blended Drafts
• Beiderwand and Lampas
• Skillbragd, Smaalandsvav, Threaded Opphampta
• What Goes Up? A study of drawloom theory
• All Tied Up!

Please contact Jette for information on content of lectures.