Program and Events - Deb Essen - Introduction to Supplemental Warps

Introducing supplemental warps and all the lovely projects you can weave with supplemental warps including velvet, terry cloth, shibori and turned drafts! Wet your weaving whistle with these fun weave structures.

Deb Essen is the author of "Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps: " (Interweave Press),
a revised version of the book will be released in Fall of 2022 by Schiffer Publishing.
Deb is a frequent contributor for Handwoven magazine and has recorded several DVDs on Supplemental Warps, Pile Weaves with Supplemental Warps, Unlocking Profile Drafts, Pin Loom Projects through Handwoven. She has been weaving for over 25 years and teaches at local, regional and national conferences, guilds and shops.