Program and Events - Kelly Marshall - Rep Weave - Weaving by Design

Kelly Marshall is recognized for combining Rep weave's rich texture and linear structure into extraordinary textiles inspired by the aesthetics of the Arts & Crafts movement, contemporary design, and traditional Scandinavian weaving. Kelly will show you the inspiration behind her designs and how she translates that inspiration into woven textiles. She will share her beginnings in fiber art and how that developed into her weaving business and the publishing of her book "Custom Woven Interiors bringing color and design home with Rep".

I was first introduced to weaving at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota in 1979 while studying to be a dental hygienist. Following my passion for textiles, I quit my 10-year dental hygiene career and opened Custom Woven Interiors in 1992. Armed with a design degree and a year long study of traditional techniques in Sweden, I dove into my custom weaving business.
Quickly, I fell in love with the Scandinavian Rep weave technique for its versatility, with patterning and product variety, going from upholstery, to table runners to rugs, all on the same loom set up. I work with cotton, linen, and polyester fibers for their vibrant color, sheen and durability.