Program and Events - Susan Conover - Scandinavian Sleigh Blankets

An Introduction to Scandinavian Coverlets & Sleigh Blankets
Introduction to Scandinavian Coverlets
Susan Conover's fascination with Scandinavian weaving is apparent in everything that is created on her looms. The Swedes traditionally weave a structure called Smalandsvav (a multi-harness weave) and the Norwegians call it Skillbragd. Whatever you want to call it is fine by Susan. She explored mounting these unique hand-woven pieces onto sheep skins to create warm and cozy bed coverings or sleigh blankets. She has also woven Monks belt and various overshot weaves which have been mounted onto sheep skins or quilted onto fabric.

Susan's quest to learn the correct and traditional method of sewing sheep skins took her to Vesterheim's Folk Art School in Decorah, IA in the summer of 2016. In Iowa she studied under Britt Solheim of Norway. Britt shared every ounce of knowledge she possesses on the art of skinnfell (hand sewing sheep skins).