Program and Events - Textile Industry Prior to the Power Loom – Lessons from the Past Toward a Sustainable Future - Sara von Tresckow

While some textiles have always been produced in a home setting, the vast majority have been produced within a "textile industry" that included many skilled persons, quality fibers, and distribution of tasks as well as product.
This presentation will examine textile production going back to early Egypt. The time periods included are all prior to availability of transportation using external power sources beyond beasts of burden. Methods of producing fiber, processing fiber to yarn, weaving that yarn into useful cloth will be explored – as well as how that cloth was finished and distributed for sales to end users.

Bio:Learned to weave while living in Germany for 20 years. Largely self-educated through books, some lessons, observation of professional weavers, extensive museum visits/connections.
Weave on countermarche looms, a 16-shaft computer assisted dobby and a 50 pattern shaft drawloom with 8 ground shafts, single unit drawloom, Jacquard looms. Woven work centers on household linens and rugs, decorative items from the drawloom, and clothing fabrics/scarves.
Owner of full service fiber shop, The Woolgatherers Ltd. in Fond du Lac, WI, including looms – from inkle and rigid heddle to countermarche floor looms and drawloom equipment.